Watch "Malcolm X’s Fiery Speech Addressing Police Brutality" on YouTube


Police brutality ,the way brither Malcolm says is kinda aggressive but cool probably is the only way to fix ours troubles with these so call police

Thanks for posting brother.

How do you think police can help us?

There are some cool police brother, but some nah im just trying to understand to be the police do they instructe them black persons have to be the target and they ain’t got damn respect towards a black persons ,united States or elsewhere is built only for the pink and the rest of human species not for the black persons cuz i feel like sometimes we are living in the wrong place , to finish with a persons kill his image the rest will follow easily and no body won’t give a shit the police are useless brother

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Define “cool” bro? What are the functions of the police? Who do they police? And for whom do they police?